How Boise State students can support Boise’s music scene remotely and virtually

The Arbiter | March 25, 2021

By Megan Trawick

With most live music events cancelled or postponed indefinitely, many students and community members wonder how they can support local artists and their favorite venues across Boise. Even for seasoned music fans, getting involved or staying active in the local music scene during a pandemic may seem impossible. But even though in-person events may be in short supply, the artists and business owners haven’t skipped a beat in coming up with creative solutions.

Despite these efforts and donations from the community, the severe drop in revenue seen by businesses that rely on live performance, it’s apparent that they need more help to stay open. This is where community advocacy and political involvement are making a serious impact.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Eric Gilbert, cofounder and festival director of Treefort, has been an active part in multiple programs to help local artists and venues stay open. In April 2020 The Morrison Center partnered with the Boise City Department of Arts and History and Treefort to create The COVID Cultural Commissioning Fund (CCC) to support artists during the pandemic. Similarly, Treefort also created the Treefort Live Music Relief Fund which offers support to a wide range of individuals working in the live music industry like musicians, tour managers and audio and lighting engineers. 

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